• Reverse Calabash, Copper, No. 2014.11.20.1
  • Rusticated Poker No. 2014.12.14.1
  • Smooth Diamond Shank Dublin 2014.12.26.1
  • Smooth Diamond Shank Bulldog 2015.01.14.1
  • Reverse Calabash, Military Mount No. 2014.01.22.1
  • Poker, Billet Aluminum, Ebonite Inlay 2015.01.26.1
  • Reverse Calabash, Copper, Military Mount 2015.01.07.2
  • Rusticated Tobacco Pipe No. 1006.1
  • Rusticated Tobacco Pipe No. 1010.1
  • Rusticated Tobacco Pipe No. 1010.2.1
  • Rusticated Tobacco Pipe No. 1011.1
  • Rusticated Billiard Pipe No. 1014.1
  • Sleepy Poker Pipe No. 1015.1
  • Rusticated Tobacco Pipe No. 1022.1
  • Billiard Rusticated Pipe No. 1027.1
  • Rusticated Poker Pipe No. 1029.1
  • Rusticated Tapered Poker No. 1102.1
  • Cherrywood Rusticated Pipe No. 1203.1
  • Partially Rusticated Poker No. 1205.1
  • Rusticated Split-Stem Billiard No. 1215.1

Scott Hudson

Handmade Custom Pipes

Rusticated Poker-Style with Tamper No. 2015.12.04.1
Welcome to Scott Hudson Pipes. Many of the pipes included in this site are sold and are enjoying the company of folks who love pipes. I have included pictures of sold pipes to help you find the size, shape, and color you'd like to have made. To get a quote for a custom, handmade pipe, just complete the Request for Quotation form under the Order a Custom Pipe tab.

Pipes that are ready to ship are listed under the FOR SALE tab. All pipes include a heavy-weight wool drawstring bag with an embroidered monogram.